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The rain began again

Published : 07 Aug 2019 09:24 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 05:16 PM

After the warmth of summer, we get fascinated with a tinge of monsoon in the sky. On an average, almost everyone finds the transition in the weather very sensual. Because rainy season falls after the summer season and offers the much needed respite from the scorching summer heat. It is welcomed with joy and happiness. The rainy season lasts from almost June to September. 

 A rainy day can be spent sitting in the balcony sipping hot tea or coffee or near the frosted glass window with a cup of hot coffee. It’s so lovely to hear the sound of rain along with the smell of coffee. It is a good idea to call your neighbours and enjoy evening tea or coffee in their company on such a day. Those who prefer solitude can play light music or read a book while enjoying the weather. People love getting drenched in the rain to get rid of all their stress.

Sometimes after a heavy rainfall, a sudden rainbow flashes across the sky. In this season, the haors and rivers become a sea, village-streets are covered with mud, and everywhere there is the sound of frogs and insects. 

Monsoon is one of the most special seasons for all of us. Waking up to the sound of rainfall is pretty relaxing. Also morning rain gives us a refreshing feeling when we take a walk on a rain-washed green field. The beauty of rainy season is always pretty. Nature looks greener everywhere. It is a good time for travel. Especially Sylhet, Cumilla, Bandarban, Chattogram are great for visiting during monsoon. It’s the perfect time to visit the various waterfalls located around the country. There are quite a few in Bandarban, but hiking in that area is a bit risky in this rainy season. 

During this time, there is no doubt rain gives us a cool weather but messy, chaotic roads. The streets are full with muddy water and people are stuck in traffic jams due to water logging. The result of these traffic jams is that children get late for school, people reach office late and at times due to undue haste, traffic congestion and low visibility, accidents happen, too.

Rain beautifies nature and makes everything appear merrier. It is the time to be one with nature. The cloudy sky, the cool breeze and the fragrance of the wet mud makes it just the perfect weather to go on long drives and walks with loved ones.