Thai guava farming gaining popularity in Chaudanga

Published : 24 Aug 2021 09:47 PM

Thai Guava has become much popular in Chuadanga district for various reasons including demand among consumers for taste, containing high Vitamin-C, low production cost and availability all around the year. 

As during this Covid-19 pandemic situation everyone tries to keep food items rich in Vitamin-C in their daily diet chart, guava comes in handy to meet that demand for a reasonable price. 

Many farmers and unemployed peopled are now cultivating Thai Guava variety in the district, because of its huge prospects of profit and the soil of Chuadanga being highly suitable for guava farming. 

Thai guava is large in size and weighs pretty heavy. Three guavas of this variety weigh about one kg. The most important factor in growing this guava is to cover the entire guava with polythene, which protects the guavas from pests, diseases, birds and make them intact. Most of the consumers now a day like Thai guava and many people have changed their fate by farming Thai guava.

Local variety of guava (locally called Deshi Peyara) is not much available in the district. This variety is not cultivated commercially in Chuadanga anymore. People of the area plant this variety only on the premises of their houses though this variety’s test is also very sweet and consumers like it very much. 

Thai guava is being sold at Tk 25 and Deshi Peyara at Tk 35 per kg at different Bazaars, Haats and other road side places by the fruit sellers and vendors, whereas farmers are selling Thai guava at Tk 15 per kg. 

According to Agriculture Extension Department farmers have taken under guava cultivation in the district on 1741 hectares of land. The uapazila wise breaks up are-256 hectares of land in Sadar Upazila, 55 hectares of land in Alamdanga Upazila, 62 hectares of land in Damurhuda Upazila and 1,368 hectares of land in Jibannagar Upazila.

Agriculture Extension Department added, farmers and unemployed youths have been planting and harvesting guava all around the year. Wholesalers and vendors buy it continuously and constantly from guava growers.  

Hafej Abdul Kader Sohan, Diploma Agriculturist and Proprietor of Monomila Garden at Bujrukgorgori in Chuadanga told the Bangladesh Post that he started guava cultivation on two bighas of land in 2017 at the village. Now he has been cultivating guava on 7 bighas of land and selling it to different districts as wholesale. His farm is running with benefit.   

Mustafizur Rahman, Sub-assistant Agriculture Officer of Sadar Upazila told the Bangladesh Post, Guava is supposed to be the main cash crop in near future in the districtand farmers will more interested to cultivate guava for demand all over Bangladesh. 

Dr Abdul Mazed, Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension Department told this correspondent that soil of Chuadanga is fertile and suitable for cultivation of guava. No need to hard work at the guava field. So farmers and unemployed educated youths have been choosing to cultivate guava in the district.