Technology to curb corruption

Highest utilization of modern information technology everywhere can eliminate corruption from society as well as the country.
Technology is very effective to identify wrong deeds, and in the coming days technology will be a major weapon for the country as well as for the youths to fight against crime and also to be employed.
Post and Telecommunication Minister Mostafa Jabbar said, demand of technology is increasing gradually. In the coming days the country will require huge work force to meet the demand and the youths of the country will be main power to utilize technology to curb corruption.
It is to be noted, before 2008, the country was champion in corruption for five times consecutively. However, after the government was formed under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2009, ‘Digital Bangladesh’ theory is eliminating corruption gradually.
According to Information and Communication Technology Division statistics, through 5275 digital centers, the government is providing more than 200 types of services to public doorstep.
The government has also introduced the e-tender system in the government offices to reduce tender corruption. Soon the entire government offices will be bought under e-tender system.
Besides, the government is also implementing E-governance. This is the application of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to enhance the performance of government functions and services. More specifically, e-governance is the use of digital technologies to transform government operations.
According to statistics, Bangladesh is providing software and IT services to more than 50 countries around the world, including America, Europe, Canada, and Australia. There is still untapped opportunities to remove unemployment problem of the country.
ICT state minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak told media, “The government is aiming to introduce office management system (paperless office) in 82 ministries within 2021. We are moving forward with the four pillars of our digital Bangladesh - Human Resources, Connectivity, ICT and e-Governance for all to make the country corruption free”.