Technical education increases skilled workforce in Chuadanga

Published : 27 Sep 2022 08:26 PM

Since the operation of Jibannagar Technical School and College in Chuadanga has started, major changes have started in the education system of the region. Students are interested in studying here as they can take technical and general education. In line with the world, the present government is working on technical education system at the grass root level with the aim of creating skilled work force.

Jibannagar Technical School and College is built on one and a half acres of land at a place called Manoharpur on Chuadanga-Jibannagar highway. There is an academic building with 25 rooms in a spectacular 5 storied building. Each floor of this building has separate wash block for students and fire fighting system on both sides. It has 18 rooms 4 storied administrative building and 1 storied service shed. Academic activities of this institution started on February 9, 2021 with 12 students of 10th class in General Mechanics Trade. At present, general education from sixth to eighth standard and technical education in ninth standard are in operation. Currently the number of students is 361. Among them, 207 people are studying in general education and 154 people are studying in technical education. The organization has IT basis, general electronics, welding and machine operation trades. In 13 labs, teachers are teaching students to work with modern equipment. Students are being trained to create employment. There is provision of stipend and free tuition to students.

Trishna Sultana Yasmin, a student of Jibannagar Technical School and College, said that we are happy to have such an educational institution in this region. From there, she wants to contribute a lot to the country by becoming proficient in technical education along with general education.

Jibannagar Technical School and College Bengali department instructor Yunus Ali said that unemployment can be eliminated with technical education. There is no substitute for technical education to keep pace with the outside world.

Jibannagar Technical School and College Principal (Acting) Engineer Imrul Qadir said that all types of students are taking technical education here along with education. With education from this institution, some will become entrepreneurs, some will be educated in higher education, some will work, and some will go abroad. From there, remittance will be sent to the country. With that remittance, our country will become more self-sufficient and move towards prosperity.

He also said that 18 crore Tk have been spent on the construction of Jibannagar Technical School and College. Directorate of Education and Engineering completed the construction of this project implemented by Directorate of Bangladesh Technical and Madrasah Education.