Teacher beaten up with shoe

Stern action must be taken against the hoodlum

Published : 28 Jan 2023 08:49 PM

We strongly condemn the barbaric attack on a teacher of Al Shaheed Government Primary School at Muladi upazila in Barishal district. Zakir Hossain, a teacher of the primary school was beaten up with shoes by a local hoodlum for protesting illegal recruitment procedure on Thursday.

Teachers of Al Shaheed Government Primary School and officials of SAINT-Bangladesh, a non-government organisation, were discussing on the recruitment procedure. As Zakir Hossain requested the officials of the SAINT-Bangladesh to conduct the recruitment procedure based on merit, Foyzur Rahman Tulu, a local hoodlum became furious and asked them to appoint his female relative at first, according to media report.

Zakir Hossain got involved in a disagreement with Tulu over the issue. At one stage, Tulu stormed the classroom and started beating up the teacher Zakir indiscriminately with shoes.

Such barbaric attack on

 teachers should not 

be tolerated anymore

Many teachers of primary and secondary schools and even colleges were assaulted, beaten up and abused in many ways especially in the remote areas by the local hoodlums, public representatives and influential people in the last few years. These types of attacks should never happen in our country.

It is the responsibility of the local administration and public representative to ensure the security of the teachers and students. The teachers are the architects of a nation as they play an important role in building up an educated nation.

A large number of teachers at many educational institutions are voicing their doubts and insecurities as local criminals, hoodlums and public representatives continued to issue threat and abuse them. Therefore, the concerned ministry in association with the local administration and public representatives must ensure security of the teachers and students at educational institutions and exemplary punishment for the attackers immediately.

Such barbaric attack on teachers should not be tolerated anymore. Therefore, we believe the local administration will take stern legal action against the hoodlum, maintain peace at educational institutions and protect lives of teachers and students immediately.