Take action against human traffickers

Let not our youths fall victims to their traps

Published : 27 Jun 2021 08:50 PM | Updated : 28 Jun 2021 01:46 AM

It is truly horrifying to see that our country’s many young men, who are desperate to go to different European countries including Italy via Libya illegally, drowning in Mediterranean Sea, dying in desert heat and being tortured brutally by the international human trafficking or other criminal gangs. Nobody should go abroad illegally by selling off everything with dreams to catch the 'Golden Deer', which might cost one’s life.

At least 760 people have died making the Mediterranean crossing between January 1 and May 31, compared with 1,400 last year. Reportedly, Tunisian authorities on Thursday rescued 264 Bangladeshi people who tried to sail from neighbouring Libya to Italy across the Mediterranean. They had been stranded at sea after their boat broke down.

We hope the 

government will take a series of actions 

against human traffickers immediately

Our youths believe if they can reach any country of Europe at any cost, their fate will be changed. And taking the chance, trafficking networks target the country’s unemployed young men seeking to work in European countries. With dream further allured by trafficking gangs, many of them embark on the risky journeys to go to those countries.

Addressing the issue of human trafficking in Bangladesh has become a big challenge for the government as traffickers are very smart in changing their strategies. Although the Bangladesh government has banned its citizens from going to Libya, many of them still manage to get there.  We hope the government will take a series of actions against human traffickers immediately. Besides, we think the government will do the needful to stop youths from stepping into the uncertain path of going abroad without knowing where their job is and what awaits them.