Too many road crashes in Patuakhali

Surfeit of auto rickshaws, easy bikes responsible

Published : 26 Sep 2023 09:14 PM

A Numbers of auto rickshaw and easy bikes are seen to be racing on the roads of Mirjaganj, Patuakhali district along with other heavy vehicles without having proper training and legal license. 

Most of the drivers of these three wheeler vehicles are either people coming from different job backgrounds or young teenagers. On top of that they are not following the traffic rules which is leading toward the cause of accident rates. 

Due to these three wheeler vehicles run by batteries and lack of proper training, there had been regular traffic conjunctions happening in the Barguna-Bakerganj highway which is causing hassle to the pedestrians. Everyday these vehicles seems to be causing incidents in every sub-districts and village streets in the Patuakhali district. 

According to the sources, on 15th September an old woman name Monoara Begum (62) died in an accident on the intersection of three roads of Patuakhali district, Sadar due to rash driving of an easy bike. On 25 August, 10 days before this incident, a 6 year old boy name Momen from Kakrabuniya union died due to the careless reckless driving of an auto rickshaw. During the entire 1 month, these type of incidents has been occurring in the different areas of this sub-district due to the reckless driving of auto rickshaws and easy bikes. Some of the victims have claimed that these drivers do have either proper training in terms of driving these vehicles or have legal license to drive. Since there are no authority to look over and take the responsibilities of legal matters to stop these incidents.

The drivers tend to drive on the roads however they wish. These are the main causes of road accidents leading towards death.  

Theses auto rickshaw and easy bike drivers are not experienced ones and they does not have control over their speed limits causing common people to suffer. The matter must be look after by the law enforcement as soon as possible or else number of death tolls might increase.

In this regard, police in charge of Mirjaganj thana, Hafizur Rahman (OC) has said, we have call all these vehicle drivers and warned them to be careful while they are driving. Still if we find anyone driving recklessly breaking rules, we will take legal action immediately.