Summer vegetable farming exceeds target, farmers hope for big profit

Published : 18 Oct 2022 08:44 PM

Farming of summer vegetables during the current season has exceeded target in four upazilas of Chuadanga district creating scopes of harvesting additional outputs coupled with bringing smiles on faces of all farmers and consumers. Besides farming of home yards together with yields are contributing a lot towards meeting up the gradually mounting vegetable demands.

According to Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Chuadanga has set a target to be produced around 1,48,280 metric tones of vegetables from 6,740 hectares of land in four upazilas of the district during the current Kharif-1 season. Whereas the farmers have brought 9,495 hectares of land under varieties of summer vegetables benefiting the consumers in general. In the meantime farmers harvested 1,67,112 metric tons of vegetables out of  target 2,08,890 metric tons from 7,596 hectares of land out of cultivated 9,495 hectares of land.  

About 65,296 metric tons of vegetables have been harvested from 2,968  hectares of land out of cultivated 3,710 hectares of land in Sadar Upazila, 16,720 metric tons of vegetable from 760 hectares of land out of cultivated 950 hectares of land in Alamdanga upazila, 49,896 metric tons of vegetables from 2,268 hectares land out of cultivated  2,835 hectares of land in Damurhuda Upazila and 35,200 metric tonnes of vegetables from 1,600 hectares of land  out of cultivated 2,000 hectares of land in Jibannagar Upazila. 

At present, most of the kitchen markets in the areas are currently buzzing with all summer vegetables like bean, pointed gourd, lady’s finger, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, gourd, radish, green paper, eggplant, bitter gourd and green plantain benefiting both growers and consumers.

Vegetable farming brings a smile on farmers’ faces here as they are becoming financially solvent by cultivating various types of vegetables.

“Farmers get benefits by farming vegetables in the district. It brings a smile on marginal farmers and poor people’s faces,” farmer Lutfar Rahman of Garabaria in sadar upazla of the district said, illustrating the aspects of vegetable farming.

Mohsin Ali, a farmer of Bhangbaria area in Alamdanga upazila of the district said, in the meantime we have sold brinjal at Tk. 50,000 whereas our expenditure is of Tk. 25,000 on one bigha of land. "We are very much happy with vegetable farming because we get good yield with considered price within a short time," he told the Bangladesh Post.

Saker Ali of village Gaidghat in Sadar uapazila said, he has cultivated cauli flower on one bigha of land at his village this season as he is very happy for producing huge it 

Vegetables cultivation in the summer season has been gaining popularity with production vegetables both urban and rural areas. Marginal farmers and the poor people are mostly engaged in this venture by making the best use of spaces around their homes.

Mostafizur Rahman, Sub-assistant Agriculture Officer of Chuadanga sadar said, we contact with farmers regularly for giving them advice and suggestions   for solutions their vegetables cultivation problems. 

Bevash Chandra Saha, Deputy Director of the DAE, said  after fulfilling local demand of vegetables farmers have been selling their product to other parts of the country. Besides field level officials have been monitoring and patronizing the farmers for huge production of vegetables in the district. 

He also stated that we have succeeded to motivate the people of Chuadanga under cultivation of all types of land in the district. No fallen land in the district.