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Summer veg start coming to city mkt

Price is also coming down

Published : 09 Mar 2021 09:37 PM | Updated : 10 Mar 2021 01:30 AM

Winter is over and summer season vegetables start coming to the capital’s market and are being sold at a reasonable price.

Winter vegetables are still available in the market. But the prices remained unchanged.

In the meantime, patal, jhinge, sajane-data, and other summer season vegetables are abundantly available in the market. However, the prices of rice, potatoes, and eggs have come down a bit.

This picture was seen in various essential commodities markets of the capital on Monday. Prices of rice, potatoes, and farm red eggs have come down while ginger have risen a little bit this week.

Visiting the Karwan Bazar, it was seen that the local ginger was sold at Tk 70 per kg last week which was selling at Tk 80 on Monday. Chinese ginger is being sold at Tk 110 per kg which was taka 100-105 last week. Potato was sold at Tk 18-20 per kg which were being sold on Monday for Taka 15-17. Last week, one dozen of the farm's red eggs was sold for Tk 90. On Monday it was being sold at 84 taka.

The price of rice in the market has come down a bit compared to last week. 28-brand rice is being sold at Tk 52 per kg. It was Tk 54 Taka Last week. Golden rice is being sold at Tk 48 per kg. Last week it was sold at Tk 46. Miniket rice is being sold at Tk 62 per kg, Nazirshail rice at 65 Tk per kg. Premium miniket rice is being sold at Tk 63 per kg while  Paijam rice is being sold at Tk 50 per kg. Overall, the price of rice in the market on Monday fell by one to two Taka per kg.

Jashim Uddin, a rice trader at Kathalbagan Raw Market told Bangladesh Post that the rice market has declined a bit compared to last week. It cannot be said when it will increase again

Oil market was unstable for the last one month. A 5-liter Teer soybean oil bottle is being sold in the market for Tk 630 which was Tk 590 a month ago. A 5-liter bottle of Bashundhara soybean oil is being sold at Tk 620 while Rupchanda is being sold at Tk 630.

Manik Mia, a grocer at Gulshan DCC Market, said, “People do not want to buy oil now. Incidents of frequent quarrels occur with the buyers. They think we are selling oil at a higher price. But what do we can do?”

The prices of winter vegetables in the market are the same as it was last week. A piece of cabbage is being sold at Tk 10 to 15, cauliflower at Tk 10 to 20. Tomatoes are being sold at Tk 15 per kg and carrots are being sold at Tk 20 per kg. Cucumber prices are relatively higher. Green chilies are being sold at Tk 60 per kg. Lemons are being sold at Tk 40 to 50 per ‘hali’ and papaya at Tk 30-35 per kg.

Mohon, a vegetable trader in Moghbazar, told Bangladesh Post that he has no faith in the vegetable market. Now the price is lower. Maybe, it will increase again after a while.

“We sell it as much as we buy. When there is excessive supply, the price of the produces is less and when supply is less the price is higher,” he said.