Student killed in road accident

Take steps to stop reckless driving

Published : 23 Jan 2023 07:49 PM

A 23-year old student of Northern University, identified as Mosammat Nadia, was killed as a passengers' bus of Victor Paribabhan hit her motorbike in Vatara Progati Saoroni area of the Kuril Biswa Road in the capital Sunday. Students of Northern University took to the streets in Kawla area on the capital's Airport road today to protest the death of Nadia. 

They blocked the roads to press home their four-point demand -- arrest of the driver and helper, cancellation of route permit of the bus company, compensation to the victim's family, and stoppage of all buses at Kawla bus stand area.

Almost every day we are bombarded with reports of grisly road mishaps, deaths and injuries. Though too many lives are being lost on roads every day, the reasons for the accidents are not being investigated with due importance. Every time the gravity of road safety issues gets intensified when any student dies of road accident. 

The government should take 

more severe steps in ensuring 

punishment of the drivers who 

do not follow the traffic rules

Protesters blocking roads and seeking the highest punishment of the perpetrators have become very common repercussions of any gruesome road accident.After every incident of road crash we hear pledges of taking effective measures from the authorities concerned but the issue falls into oblivion within a few days which is why the procession of deaths on the roads never stops.

In order to ensure road safety for all, the design and quality of the roads and highways must be improved; unfit vehicles should not be allowed on the roads and there should be mass awareness on traffic rules. So many lives are being lost on our roads every day, and it’s time the government put all-out efforts to bring some order on the road. We must take stern actions against reckless driving. Also, unskilled drivers of vehicles, most often not having a legal licence, should be identified and punished. 

We should devise immediate measures to improve the current road safety issues, such as examining driver’s skill and vehicle fitness, discouraging reckless driving, improving the traffic police control system and ensuring more cooperation between the drivers and owners. 

Also, transport owners should scrutinise the driving skill of the drivers before recruiting. Last but not least, the government should take more severe steps in ensuring punishment of the drivers who do not follow the traffic rules