Storyteller Kusum Sikder

Kusum Sikder is a model, actress and singer. She writes poem and lyrics along with acting and singing. Now this star is going to come up as a storyteller in the forthcoming ‘Ekushay Boi Mela’.

Kusum won the National Film Award for her acting skills. Since she started acting 20 years earlier, only a few of works has she chosen.

A book containing two stories titled ‘Ajagotik Chaya’ is to add to Kusum’s name following her contribution in drama, song and literature. Tamrolipi is going to publish this book in the forthcoming book fair with the cover done by Dhruba Esh.

Kusum said, “Having announced, I have been away from acting since 2018 as I wanted to concentrate more on myself. I intended to focus on writing. Meanwhile, Covid-19 hit and I could manage times being confined within four walls. This is my first story book containing two stories.”

Regarding the type of story, Kusum said, it is a book of mystery and thriller. Readers will be immersed in a miraculous atmosphere. She thinks that the mystery born inside the reader can be ruined if it is said further in advance.

In 2002, Kusum Sikder got the royal opening from one of the country's reality shows (Lux). Since then she has been proving her worth in advertisements and dramas with a few works within a short period of time.

Kushum was enlisted in only three films called ‘Lal Tip’, ‘Gohine Shobdo’ and ‘Shangkha Chil’ what brought her the National Film Award in 2018. In it, she found legendary producer Gautam Ghosh behind the camera and faced Prosenjit Chatterjee onscreen. Short after that, Kusum took a break from acting after an announcement.

Not returning to acting and spending the rest of life on the writing table? When this was asked Kusum replied, "It is not a matter of signing a document and promising anything. It is a matter of urging from within. The reason I stay away from acting, is to stay in solitude within myself. That's not the only reason. If the environment and situation allow, I may act someday. I have no plan about that now.'

She published the first book of poems 'Neel Cafer Kobi' at the 2015 book fair. Arranged with 34 poems, the book got a good response and she won the City-Anondo Alo Literary Award.

Then in 2017, she surprised everyone by releasing the song 'Nesha' of her lyrics. Controversies arose over the video of the song tied to the tune of Hridoy Khan.