Stop war in Ukraine

World leaders should pay heed to Sheikh Hasina’s call

Published : 22 Mar 2023 08:55 PM

In an exclusive interview to the US-based Cable News Network (CNN) Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina categorically states that intensified global steps are a must to stop war in Ukraine as it continued to cause common peoples miseries across the world.

When the world economy is reeling from the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, sanctions and counter-sanctions have created economic recession across the globe.

Bangladesh’s foreign policy is very clear as it believes ‘Friendship to all, malice to none’. But when the nation sees any human rights violation or invasion, it opposes it.

No war could be one-sided alone as it needs involvement of both sides. We believe each country has its own rights to live in their own territory (with freedom) and protect their own territory.

Echoing the prime minister, we are also calling upon both Russia and Ukraine to stop war, refrain from attacking each other in order to save lives and maintain peace.

The world leaders should

compel Russia and Ukraine

 to end the war as early as possible

The world is now facing a complex combination of challenges because of economic recession caused by the impact of Coronavirus pandemic coupled with Russia-Ukraine war. Developed countries are facing trouble in providing electricity, energy and fuel while the inflation crisis caused by price hike of everything continues crippling the financial sector. As the inflation has increased, prices of all essentials went beyond the purchasing capacity.

Bangladesh never supports any kind of invasion or any conflict. The world should come forward to stop the war as common people are suffering.

Thousands of civilians have already died while many others received serious injuries in the war. The attacks and counter attacks during the war are still damaging  civilian buildings, including apartment blocks, schools, places of worship, and shops, impeding access to food and medicines. 

Besides, energy infrastructures are also being destroyed in the war, putting millions of people at risk of sickness and death. We think such destruction and death game cannot continue for the sake humanity.  

The world leaders should pay heed to Sheikh Hasina’s call to stop the war. Besides, they should compel Russia and Ukraine to end the war as early as possible.