Startling rise in road accidents

Commuters deserve safer roads

Published : 08 Dec 2022 07:08 PM

It is alarming to note that at least 554 people were killed and 747 others injured in 463 road accidents across the country throughout the month of November, said a report by the Road Safety Foundation (RSF). RSF prepared the report based on data from 9 national dailies, 7 online news portals, and electronic media. According to the report, the major causes of road accidents in the country during November includes unfit vehicles, unskilled drivers and reckless driving.

Almost every day we are bombarded with reports of horrendous road accidents, deaths and injuries. Every time the gravity of road safety issues gets intensified when any student dies of road accident. After every incident of road crash we hear pledges from the BRTA, police, and other transport authorities. But all fade away with the passage of time, which is why the procession of deaths on the roads never stops.

Allegedly, a number of unscrupulous BRTA officials provide licence to the unskilled drivers and fitness certificates to the unfit vehicles without any test. As a result, a large number of unskilled drivers get chance to ply their vehicles on roads illegally. When the authorities concerned cannot maintain integrity in terms of giving certificates to drivers and vehicles, it is not pragmatic indeed to expect those drivers who buy licence through unfair means will maintain discipline on the roads.

The government should take

 more severe steps in ensuring

 punishment of the drivers who 

do not follow the traffic rules

Too many lives are being lost on our roads every day, and it’s time the government put all-out efforts to bring some order to the roads. Many bus owners recruit drivers considering personal relationship and recommendations of known people without properly examining their driving skill. This practice must be stopped.

It is high time that Bangladesh took stern actions against reckless driving. Also, in order to ensure road safety for all, the design and quality of the roads and highways must be improved; unfit vehicles should not be allowed on the roads and campaigns must be conducted to raise awareness of traffic rules.

We should devise immediate measures to improve the current road safety issues. Transport owners should scrutinise the driving skill of the drivers before recruiting. Last but not the least, the government should take more severe steps in ensuring punishment of the drivers who do not follow the traffic rules.