Stars in Eid dramas and telefilms

Due to the coronavirus, various drama and telefilm production houses have stopped shooting long ago. Before the lockdown, there were some new dramas and telefilms, but it was very few. In order to brighten up the Eid festival, the channels will broadcast new dramas as well as a number of old dramas. The stars are standing in front of the camera to play different stories and multiple characters in the festivities. A Mizan and Md Saifuddin Al Quaderi have written about these dramas and telefilms.

Mehazabien Chowdhury

Mehazabien Chowdhury will be seen on a number of dramas this Eid both on TV channels and on YouTube channels.

On Eid day the drama 'Rudra Ashbe Bole' will be broadcast at 7:40 pm on Channel-i. Written by Nazia Hasan is directed by Mahmudur Rahman Himi will show Apurba and Mehazabien.

At 11:45 pm the 'Amitrakkhar' written by fiction writer Rabeya Khatun and directed by Abul Hayat, the play stars Mehazabien Chowdhury, Irfan Sajjad and Abul Hayat.

On the 4th day of Eid the Drama 'Perfect One' will be broadcast at7:40 pm. Written and directed by Panir Khan and also Imtiaz Tanzim’s screenplay, the play stars Ziaul Haque Apurba and Mehazabien Chowdhury. 

On CMV’s official YouTube channel the drama ‘Signature’ starring Mehazabien, Nisho and Nusrat will be released. 

Nusrat Imrose Tisha

On Eid day in Channel-i, Anisul Haque's telefilm 'Ayesha' directed by Mostafa Sorwar Farooki, starring Chanchal Chowdhury, Nusrat Imrose Tisha will be broadcast at 2:30 pm. 

The drama 'Talpatar Sepai' will be shown at 9:35 pm. The Written by Gitali Hasan and directed by Mostafa Sorwar Farooki, the drama stars Chanchal Chowdhury, Nusrat Imrose Tisha, and Shirin Alam. 

Day 3 of Eid, the drama 'Angel', written and directed by Mabrur Rashid Bannah, starring Tahsan Khan, Nusrat Imrose Tisha will be shown at 7:40 pm. 

On Maasranga TV, ‘The Mirror’ written and directed by Preeti Dutta, and starring starring Nusrat Imrose Tisha, Hindol will be aired at 4.30 pm on the 4th day of Eid.

On NTV, on the 4th day at 2:30 pm the telefilm Mourani written by Anisul Haqu and Directed by Abu Raihan Jewel, starring Riaz, Nusrat Imrose Tisha, Azad Abul Kalam, Moushumi Hamid will be aired.

Zakia Bari Mamo

On the 5th day of Eid and on Channel-i, the drama 'Pathe Holo Deri' will be aired at 7:40 pm. The play has been written by Dayal Saha and directed by Preeti Dutta and stars Irfan Sajjad and Zakia Bari Mamo.

On NTV, on the second day of Eid at 02:30 pm the telefilms ‘Bhalobashar Pongktimala’ will be aired which is written and directed by Shihab Shahin. The shows stars Tahsan Khan, Mithila, Apurba and Mamo.

 On sixth day, at 2:30 on the telefilms ‘Atopor Bhalobashar Din’ written and directed by Tuhin Abanta will be aired. The telefilms stars Anisur Rahman Milon, Zakia Bari Mamo, Sushama Sarkar, Munira Mithu and others.

On Boishakhi TV at 6:20 pm the serial drama ‘High Pressure’, starring Mosharraf Karim, Zakia Bari Mamo will be aired. 

Mosharraf Karim

On NTV, on Eid day at 8:05pm the drama ‘Raat Prohori Fulon Debi’ written by Shahjahan Sourav and directed by Abu Hayat Mahmud will be aired. The shows stars Mosharraf Karim, Priyam and others. 12:05 Serial drama: Naughty boy group. Episode-1. Writte

On the third day of Eid, at 8:05 pm the drama ‘Poriborton’ will be aired which has been written by Abu Rajin and directed by Farhan Tanmoy. The drama stars Mosharraf Karim, Jasmine Karim. At 8:05 the drama ‘Tumi Ami Ebong Didsturb’ written by Abu Rajin and story and direction by Mursalin Shuvo will be aired which stars Mosharraf Karim, Payel and others.

On the seventh day at 09:00pm the drama Saptak: Kobi Bolechhen will be aired which has been written and directed by Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi and stars Mosharraf Karim, Tinni, Rifat Chowdhury, Shabnam Faria, Sohail Khan and others.

Afran Nisho

On the 2nd day of Eid on Cchannel-i the comedy drama 'Couple Therapy' will be aired at 08:40 pm. 

Written and directed by Muhidul Muhim the drama stars Afran Nisho and Tanjin Tisha. 

On the 6th day of Eid, the drama 'Fake ID' will be aired at 08:40 pm. 

The play is written by Maruf Rehman and directed by Nayeem Imtiaz Neyamul and stars Afran Nisho.

 On NTV also on the second day at 09:30 pm the drama ‘BF Pass’ which has been written and directed by Alam Ashraf will be aired

On Eid day, on Banglavision, at 6:35 pm Short break drama 'Debdas and Juliet' will be aired. Directed by Zakaria Soukhin and stars Afran Nisho. On the second day of Eid, at 9:05 pm, a short break drama 'Pure Love' directed by Mahidul Mahim and starring Afran Nisho, Tanjin Tisha, Mili Bashar, Rocky Khana and others will be aired.

On the fourth day, at 11:30 pm on Banglavision, the drama 'Side Effect' will be aired. Directed by Mahidu Mahim, the drama stars Afran Nisho, Mehazabien Chowdhury, Tanzim Hasan Anik and others.