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SSC, HSC results become barrier to entering Jagannath University

Published : 12 Nov 2021 09:36 PM | Updated : 12 Nov 2021 09:36 PM

Mohiuddin Tajbir, an admission seeker from B unit took part in combined admission test of 20 general, science and technology universities of the country. According to the published result of 'B' unit on 20th October, this student got 69.50 marks out of 100 marks.  Besides, Tajbir's GPA in SSC and HSC exams was 4.28 and 4.33 respectively.

Meanwhile, after the publication of the results of the admission test, the cluster universities have started publishing the admission circular with different conditions to get the subject of their choice following the university rules.  As part of this Jagannath University published the application circular for the subject choice after the admission test yesterday. Last time the number of SSC and HSC results in the admission test of this university was 28 but this time it has been increased to 100 which is equal to the total number of admission test which makes admission seekers disappointed. Those who got GPA-5 in SSC have got the same result in this year's HSC through auto pass due to Covid-19. 

Based on the results of these two public examinations, the total number of Tajbir stands close to 155 with 85 marks in SSC, HSC. On the other hand, according to the GPA-5 of SSC, after getting GPA-5 in HSC through auto pass, many students who got 15 marks less than Tajbir in the admission test and ran ahead for university admission than Tanjir.  Dhaka, Chattogram and Rajshahi universities have placed 20, 20 and 0 respectively in combined SSC, HSC exam result this year keeping in mind the issue of auto pass. Even many universities in the cluster did not keep separate numbers for SSC and HSC results. However, the only exception is Jagannath University. The university has selected 40 marks for SSC and 60 marks in HSC result which was designed by SSC results. It is said that admission in this university now depends on the result of SSC examination.

Tajbir said, many of the students studied well in HSC after having a little bad results in SSC. But due to Covid-19, HSC was not held this year and was given same result in reference to SSC results. Many of the students are disappointed with this unreasonable 100 number condition .If GPA of SSC and HSC is considered as more valuable than the number of admission test then what is the meaning of this test? 

 There is no value in doing well in admission test, he added.

Not only Tajbir, SSC and HSC exam numbers are kept equal to the admission test number, but even after getting good marks in the admission test, the dream of studying in a university will remain a dream.

Another student named Faisal said that he got 61 in the admission test but he got a total of 137 numbers including SSC-HSC results.  Those who got GPA-5 in SSC and HSC will be able to get admission in Jagannath University even if they get only 40 marks in the admission test. Even with so many numbers, he is now in mental anguish whether he will get chance JnU or not.

Since auto pass has been given in HSC, the students who have done well in the admission test have demanded the cancellation of the results of SSC and HSC, calling it inhuman gesture. 

Not only that, the aspiring students and various student organizations have also expressed dissatisfaction with the post-admission fee.  The students have been holding human chain and demonstrations in different districts of the country demanding cancellation of what they call 'unreasonable' fees.

Initially, the organizing committee set the final admission application fee at Tk 600 but later in the middle of the admission test application fee was increased to Tk 1,200.

After the admission test, the application fee for each unit of different universities is being charged at Tk. 600. As such, if one only applies to 20 units of a group of 20 universities, he will have to pay an additional 12,000 Tk. Earlier, the normal admission fee for these universities ranged from Tk 500 to Tk 600 and there was no cost for applying to the next unit after the admission test.  The students have demanded the abolition of the fee, citing it as a major barrier to entry into higher education.

In this regard, the Vice-Chancellor of the Jagannath University and the joint convener of the admissions organizing committee, Professor. Imdadul Haque said that it was not his single decision. Admission test committee meeting with university deans has taken a decision in this regard.