Speakers for ban on plastic use to save rivers

Published : 24 Sep 2023 08:44 PM

Speakers have called for a ban on single-use plastic items in coastal areas to save the country’s rivers.

“Plastic and polythene poses severe threat to the country’s fish production and eco-biodiversity. Fishermen who depends on river are living in a miserable condition as the fish catching drastically reduces for the pollution and encroachment,” speakers said at a human chain at Pekua in Cox's Bazar marking the world rivers day on Sunday.

Although the government has taken groundbreaking steps to protect the rivers, the irresponsibility of the concerned departments is responsible for the pathetic condition of the rivers. The speakers strongly demanded the authorities of the concerned departments to take necessary measures to save the county’s rivers.

Environment activists organised fishing festival on the occasion of World Rivers Day at rubber dam area adjacent to Mohana Bhola canal of Bay of Bengal at Pekua in Cox's Bazar.

Organized by Water Keepers Bangladesh, National River Alliance and local environmental organization Save Nature Save Life Foundation, Master Abul Hashem, Headmaster of Pekua Balika High School, read the keynote speech of the River Day, Save Nature Save Life Foundation Trustee Environment Activist Delwar Hossain, Human Bonding and Fishermen were the chief guests at the festival. Advocate Kamal Hossain, the brave freedom fighter, spoke, Saifuddin Khaled, president of Pekua Upazila Awami League, Babu Supanandan Barua, assistant fisheries officer, Jalal Uddin, journalist and environmental activist, Mohammad Hashem, journalist and others spoke.

Pekua High School, teachers/­students of Pekua Public High School, local labor organization, women's association, fishermen and common people were present.

Eminent Baul Zaker and his troupe performed Baul songs at the Fisherman's Festival.

Pekua High School students Rumi Akhter, Jannatul Naima acted in the drama called Fisherman of Dry River.