Sopping continues in Rajshahi’s dilapidated Samabay Market

A section of businessmen and customers of Rajshahi are continuing selling and buying of daily essential commodities inside dilapidated buildings amid heightened risk of an accident occurring at Samabay Market in Rajshahi city. But the authorities concerned are not paying any heed in this regard.

Authorities of Samabay Market claimed that after taking rent, shopkeepers have rented their own extra shop to others violating conditions. The dishonest traders are making a huge amount of money from their illegal rented shops. As a result, the market authorities are being affected badly. Due to the traders’ unilateral profitability and their non-cooperation, the market is not being reformed. While visiting the market recently, it was seen that the dilapidated four-storey building’s important sections are being disrupted.

 Inside the column of the building, rods are visible through that incision. Even the roof beams and the plasters including the roof molding of the lower floor shops have also collapsed. In reply to a question, the more of shopkeepers said that they are running their business in the rented shops from taking one party. They have to pay Tk 20 to 30 lakh for rent. Out of this, they have paid Tk 20 to 30 lakh as security.

The Samabay Market was built at Malopara area in the city in 1982. At present, there are 62 shops in one and two stories. A residential hotel is being operated by allocating space above it. A Samabay bank is also situated in the four-storied building. While asking acting employee of Samabay bank Mahmud Hossain, said that the position of any shops has not been sold to any traders adding that it is not possible to provide sufficient money for reformation of market being shortage of money.