Shortage and price of sacrificial animals likely to increase in Ctg

Published : 16 Jun 2022 09:07 PM

The shortage of sacrificial animals is about 30,000 in proportion to the demand in Chattogram.  Unusual increase in the price of cattle feed has increased the cost of production.  As a result, farmed cows have become less fat.  The farmers are fearing that the price of animals will be higher this time.  Market participants said that the demand for medium and small size cows is high in the market every year.  Considering the market demand, this time cows of that size have been fattened more.  Last year, many large cows could not be sold and had to be taken back.  This has caused losses to many farmers.

 Market insiders say the last few years have been marked by a recession in the area due to the Corona virus epidemic.  Due to which the sale of cows worth more than Tk 2 lakh has decreased in the last 2 years.  The demand for cattle with a minimum price of Tk 80,000 to Tk 1.5 lakh was high in the markets.  In the last market, there was a crisis of medium and small size cattle.

 Many people have not been able to sell big cows and have taken them back.  As a result, this time the farms and households have made medium and small cows fatter and fresher.

 According to the Chattogram District Animal Resources Office, the demand for sacrificial animals in Chattogram district has been set at 8 lakh 21 thousand.  In contrast, 7 lakh 91 thousand 501 have been fattened locally this time.  There is a deficit of 29 thousand 499.  Of which 5 lakh 35 thousand 803 cattle.  66 thousand 237 buffaloes, 1 lakh 89 thousand 362 goats and sheep.  Last year, 7 lakh 56 thousand 334 were produced in Chattogram, and 7 lakh 42 thousand 455 were slaughtered.