Shironamhin’s music video ‘Perfume’ releasing today

Published : 18 May 2022 09:04 PM

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Bangladeshi alternative rock band Shironamhin wants to treat their fans with an exclusive music video titled ‘Perfume’ releasing today May 19.

The band has kept the same name for the song and their new album. “This is the most expensive music video we have ever worked with. Earlier, we planned to make it with a budget of Tk 15-18 lakhs. But with everything, the cost for this music video would cross Tk 20 lakh,” said the vocalist of the band Sheikh Ishtiaque.

Earlier, the band dropped a teaser of the song from their official Youtube channel. The 54 seconds teaser gave a vibe of Greek mythology. The teaser shows Greek mythical characters like Medusa, Zeus and some others. Starring Resh Rahman, Aranya Rana, Kanak Aditya, Mahadi Mostofa Prithu, Tugrul Nazim Pasha the music video is directed by Ziaur Rahman under Maer Doa production.

HM Sohel did an excellent job in colour correction while Million Dreams Studios made the VFT and title animation for the music video.

Regarding the song Sheikh Ishtiaque said, “Perfume is based on Greek mythology and its music video has a vibe of the Greek rebellions, and protests aligning with the song. We have tried to present the song in a metaphorical way using Greek mythological characters”.

“Usually, in other music videos our costumes, makeups, and performance are not so different than regular. But in this music video, all the band members have played Greek mythological characters along with the artistes. We had a great and different experience while making the music video for ‘Perfume’,” he added.

Shironamhin is now preparing for their upcoming mega-concert titled ‘The Only Headliner’ with the Mumbai Symphony Orchestra which is going to be held at ICCB Bashundhara Expo Zone in the capital on May 26.

Shironamhin announced their celebration plans – year-long event schedules – in collaboration with marketing communication agency Brandmyth Experiential on April 13.

Shironamhin leader and multi-instrumentalist Ziaur Rahman said, "As part of our celebrations, we will collaborate with the world-famous Mumbai Symphony Orchestra. We feel proud to be the first Bangladeshi band to perform with an orchestra".

Kazi Ahmed Shafin, Shironamhin's drummer-flutist-sarod player, said: "We had to put so much energy and effort into this project in the last six months and want to assure you that after the concert, the audience will leave the venue with an unforgettable experience."

The current lineup of Shironamhin consists of Ziaur (songwriter, composer, bass, cello, sarod), Shafin (drums, sarod, flute), Diat Khan (lead guitar), Sheikh Ishtiaque (vocals) and Rashel Kabir (keyboards).