Shafin Ahmed from ‘Miles’to be in films!

Shafin Ahmed is a popular singer of Bangladeshi band ‘Miles’. He was well known as one of the great composer’s for so long.  This time he gave new news that soon he will act in movies.  Director Tareq Mohammad Khan is making a full-length film, based on the teenage thriller ‘Rohoshey Ghera Shohor’ and Shafin Ahmed has signed the contract for the movie last Sunday.

 Shafin Ahmed himself has confirmed the matter of signing the contract.

 He said, "The director has been discussing the matter for a long time.  I finally agreed.  I am playing the role of a detective.  However, although the character is of a detective, he can also be seen as a music director there. The shooting of the movie ‘Rohoshey Ghera Shohor’ will start from March 11 and will be released on the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr.

 Besides directing, Tariq Muhammad Hasan also wrote the story and screenplay of the movie.  He said this is teen thriller story movie.  Thanks to Shafin Bhai, he is acting for the first time keeping confidence in me.  

Shafin Ahmed of ‘Miles’ band is a dream name for the younger generation.  After listening to ‘Miles' songs, the youngsters became interested in the band's songs.  Shafin Bhai of this ‘Miles’ band is acting in my film it is a source of pride for me.  I have worked with some of the biggest stars in the music industry before.  I have also acted in cricket field stars.  I hope this journey with Shafin Bhai will be great. '

 Shahiduzzaman Selim, Farooq Ahmed, Dr Ejaz, Sumon Patwari and many more will play different roles in the movie.