Security guard beats up students during exam in Chuadanga

Published : 14 Jun 2022 07:54 PM

A security guard has been accused of beating and injuring three students of a school during an examination in Chuadanga.

The incident took place at Makhaldanga Dinnathpur Secondary School in Chuadanga Sadar Upazila on Monday. The three students also complained that they could not pass the exam properly due to pain at the place of injury. The injured were identified as Hasibur Rahman, 18, son of Kalim Uddin of Makhaldanga village, Asib Hossain, 15, son of Afshar Uddin of the same village and Meherab Hossain, 18, son of Anish Ahmed, a science student of the same village. The injured have returned home with medical treatment. However, the incident has started fighting in the area. The victims and their families have demanded severe punishment from the accused security guards. The headmaster of the school has not taken any action so far, which has caused anger among the families of the victims. Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shamim Bhuiyan said that necessary action would be taken if the victim students lodged a written complaint.

Injured Hasibur Rahman, Asib Hossain and Meherab Hossain said, "We informed the headmaster about the incident. He later scolded Abir Hasan. In that incident we had a conflict with Abir Hasan. 

A few days ago, when Abir Hasan and 4-5 others threatened to beat us, I also protested. Two days ago, Abir Hasan and 4-5 other people in the school actually had a fight with us again. At one point we slapped them. In that incident, the headmaster of the school took us to his room on Monday and settled the matter and ruled over 3 of us.”

They also said that as soon as we entered the classroom to take the test, the security guard of the school Masum told us that you don't have to take the test. Come out. Outside the classroom, security guard Masum used to beat us with bamboo sticks.

This causes black spots on different parts of our body. Our first interim test is underway. As a result of the beating, we could not pass the test properly.

Denying the incident, school security guard Masum Ali said, "I did not beat them." Due to previous disputes over land, I have been in conflict with many villagers. I am being framed because of that incident.

Sabod Ali, headmaster of Makhaldanga Dinnathpur Secondary School, said action would be taken in consultation with the school's managing committee.

In this regard, Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shamim Bhuiyan said, the incident is very sad. A security guard cannot hit the body of a school student. Necessary action will be taken after receiving written complaint.