‘Save North South University from corruption, militancy’

Published : 17 Oct 2021 01:38 AM | Updated : 17 Oct 2021 01:31 PM

The Law and Human Rights Protection Foundation has called upon the government to protect the North South University from corruption and militancy.

They also sought Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's intervention in this regard.

North South University is one of the oldest private universities in Bangladesh.

Dr Sufi Sagar Shams, adviser of the Foundation, at a press briefing on Saturday at the Dhaka Reporters’ Unity, said the quality of education of the university has deteriorated over the years due to the irregularities.

Giving examples, he said, the university is still patronising militancy. Nafis Imtiaz, who was convicted in the murder of blogger Rajeeb, was readmitted to the university after 10 years.

With that, the Law and Human Rights Protection Foundation thinks that the university is practically encouraging militancy.

They also pointed out some irregularities of the top management of the University.

Those include buying low-priced land at high prices, taking commission in exchange for a contract with a developer company, buying luxury cars for nine members of the board of trustees illegally from students’ tuition fees, and taking a seating allowance of Tk100,000, among others.

They demanded exemplary punishment of those who are involved in promoting militancy and irregularities in the University.

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