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Satkhira student rescued from Ctg

Published : 15 Sep 2019 09:03 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 09:43 PM

Chattogram Police on Saturday night rescued the school student of Satkhira who went into hiding after writing a letter saying he was going to Allah's Way. Chittagong police have rescued him on Saturday night. Mustafizur Rahman, Officer in Charge of Satkhira Sadar Police Station, confirmed the news.

Earlier on Thursday, Mohaminul Islam Momin, a student of class eight of Satkhira Government High School and son of Mostafizur Rahman, a constable at Sadar Police Station in the district, went into hiding, leaving a message that he left the house in search of truth and what truly makes a person happy. 

"Ami griho palayon kori nai, griho tyag korilam, sattyer sondhane jassi, amake khoja khuji kore lab nai, sattyer moddhe sattyo ase, kajer moddhe kaj,'' read the message, meaning ‘I am not fleeing from home, I am departing in search of truth. Don’t search for me; truth lies inside the truth, work lies in work’.

Mohaiminul Islam Momin, son of Satkhira Sadar Police Station constable Mostafizur Rahman and a class eight student of Satkhira Government High School, wrote all such things. His departure for unknown destination makes one think that Mohaiminul became fixed on the idea that his life would be perfect if only he can make a rummage through the ins and outs of truth and know more about Allah. His obsession eventually consumed him.

On Friday night, Mohaiminul Islam made an escape from his rented house at Manjitpur of Satkhira town after offering Esha prayers. In a long letter written in his own hand, Mohiaminul Islam also wrote: 'I have never known anyone for a long time. I do not know my work. Today may be my time to depart from the house with the Lord's permission. So I went. This is normal at least for the Muslims.'

Mohaminul's older brother Abdul Ahad said “Mohaminul was a very gentle boy. He has no friends. He used to go to school with two boys. He used to talk always about the path of Allah. He used to talk and write poems.” He said that a GD has been filed with Satkhira Sadar Police Station. Constable Mostafizur Rahman said, "My son is an amiable boy. We are looking for him with the help of the district police.'

Satkhira Government High School head teacher Samaresh Sarkar said that Mohaminul's father, police constable Mostafizur Rahman, approached him shortly after the end of the national anthem on the school premises on Saturday morning. Mostafizur Rahman, Officer in charge (OC) of Satkhira Sadar Police Station, said that the words mentioned in the letter speak of his yearning for spiritual teaching. However, he is not sure whether or not Mohaminul has chosen the path of militancy.

When asked, Additional Superintendent of Police of Satkhira, Iltutmish said after hearing the missing news of the boy, the police went to the Satkhira Government High School and searched. However, his whereabouts is yet to be traced out.