Satkhira celebrates SAAF victory, cheers for Sabina, Mansura

Published : 21 Sep 2022 07:30 PM

There is a flood of joy in Satkhira of Sabina-Masura district as the Bangladesh women's team became champions in the SAFF women's championship. Football fans from various areas including Sabuj Bagh, Binerpota and other areas of the city did not forget to watch the game on TV from Monday afternoon even though they did not watch the football game that much at other times. Meanwhile, Sabina's family and the football people are proud of being the best player of the tournament despite not scoring a goal in the final. On the other hand, the District Football Association is going to organize a grand reception to welcome Golden Boot winner Sabina and one of the players Masura.

Sabina's mother Mumtaz Begum said, she is very happy with the success of Bangladesh. Her daughter's thoughts are about football. He is enjoying immense joy as he is the highest scorer with 8 goals. He wished not only Sabina, but all the girls of football Bangladesh.

After the game, Salma Khatun said, eagerly waiting all day When will the news of victory come? Finally in the evening, when Bangladesh won 3-1 on the TV screen, it felt like a dream. My sister was successful.

Incidentally, Satkhira's local coach Akbar Ali used to coach the girls in various events. He died of a heart attack a few years ago. He also said that our childhood was spent with lack and poverty. It was a very struggling time. Sabina is now a big star. Other sisters are also independent. All in all, I am fine with my mother.

On the other hand, the victory celebration is also going on at the home of Masura, another player of the women's football team, in Binerpota, Satkhira Sadar. Masura's father Rajab

Ali said that local coach Akbar Ali used to train girls to play football at PTI ground in the city. My elder daughter Masura studied in class three. After school he used to stay in the fields without returning home. At that time Sabina was playing in the field. The first time Sabina's ball went out of bounds, she would have picked it up. In this way, he developed a love for football. In the end, the girl gained fame in football.

Masura's mother Fatema Khatun said, we are very poor people. Even days have passed, I had to starve. Seeing Masura's interest in sports since childhood, I asked him to continue playing. Coach Akbar Ali has brought my daughter this far. Unfortunately, Akbar Ali could not see such a big victory.

Arif Hossain Prince, general secretary of Satkhira Football Association, said, "I feel proud that the women's football team is the clear champion. People of Satkhira are especially proud of Sabina and Masura. When they both return to Satkhira, the association is preparing to give them a grand welcome at the stadium.