Safa Kabir’s ‘Chirokal’

Safa Kabir is a popular model and actress of this period. She regularly works in television commercials, dramas, telefilms as well as dramas and telefilms made for YouTube channels.

She recently opened her own YouTube channel. The star model actress is also creating and publishing various content on her YouTube channel regularly. This time, Safa worked on a drama for the production company CMV’s YouTube channel. 

Tawsif Mahbub has worked opposite her in the telefilm. And this telefilm is made by popular drama director Mizanur Rahman Aryan. Safa is working with this director for the first time. The name of the telefilm is ‘Chirokal’.

Apart from Tawsif-Safa Kabir, artistes Sarkar Apu, Shahidul Alam Sachchu, Swarnalata and others have also acted in it.

Commenting on the work, its director and playwright Mizanur Rahman Ariyan said, “It is a love story. I mean, I’ve tried to show how love takes shape on different levels. It is better that we do not talk about the story before the broadcast.”

SK Shahed Ali Pappu, producer of ‘Chirokal’, said that the telefilm will be released soon on CMV’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.