Sacrificial cattle market up and running in Naogaon

Published : 29 Jun 2022 09:32 PM

Saidur Rahman, a small farmer, has been raising a local bull for a year ahead of Eid-ul-Adha. He hoped to see the profit by selling the cow. But he am disappointed to hear that the price has gone up after taking it to the market. His house is in Talpukuria village of Niamatpur upazila of Naogaon. He said he hoped the price of cattle would go up to Tk 130,000. Last Saturday, the highest price was 95 thousand taka at Mahadevpur market. The price on Monday is 92-93 thousand taka. If he sells beef at this price, he will not have any profit. Yesterday, one of the biggest cattle markets in Naogaon, Mataji Market, was visited and the whole market was crammed with sacrificial animals. The crowd of vendors was as eye-catching as the huge amount of animals that had been raised. However, there was no buyer as expected.

As a result, the sellers have been forced to sell the animals to the traders and seasonal traders at low prices. Again, many have taken the cows back from the market as they did not get the expected price. Talking to buyers and sellers, it is learned that Matajirhat cattle market is held on Wednesdays during the week. Although cattle are sold at the market throughout the year, the import of cows and goats has increased several times since about a month ago. The rest of Eid-ul-Azha is only 10-12 days. But still the expected buyers are not seen in the market. Another animal market will be held in this market next Wednesday before the sacrifice. It can be seen that the import of local breed cattle was more. There were also some large cows of foreign breeds. However, medium size cows of local breed have been sold. The demand for cows costing 60 to 70 thousand taka was high. The sellers said that the seasonal traders and dealers have bought cows and goats from the domestic farmers at very low prices as there are less buyers than the massive import of cattle at the market. Sultan Moshayek Sumon, a farmer from Ghoshnagar village in Patitla, Naogaon, came to sell a bull of local breed. But no one paid the price of the cow even after waiting from noon to evening. He finally decided to take the cow back home. Hat leaseholder said, Mataji Hat is the largest cattle market in Naogaon. In other years, three or four hats of Eid are already crowded here. But this time it did not freeze. Today a lot of cows and goats have been imported in the market but there are no buyers. Some traders have bought cows and goats at low prices.

According to the district administration and local government department, there are 104 small and big hats in the district. Of these, there are 36 permanent cattle markets. Chhatra of Niamatpur, Satihat of Mandar, Tri-Mohni of Naogaon Sadar, Dighirhat of Sapahar, Madhuil of Patitla, Dhamairhat Sadar, Abadpukur of Raninagar, Hatship of Mahadebpur. According to the district livestock office, 4 lakh 33 thousand cattle are ready to be sacrificed in the district this year. According to the number of cattle sacrificed in the district last time, 2 lakh 93 thousand animals may be sacrificed this time. An additional 1 lakh 39 thousand cattle suitable for sacrifice will meet the demand of other countries. The number of commercial cattle rearing farms in the district is 25,000.