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Sacrificial animals sale starts in Chuadanga

Published : 21 Jun 2022 09:06 PM

Farmers of Chuadanga district are hoping that they will be able to sell a large number of sacrificial animals to other districts of the country to meet local demand on the eve of Eid-Ul-Azha this year. The farmers are starting to sell their sacrificial reared animals with happy to get fair prices at present. 

According to District Livestock Department, a total of 1,50,572  sacrificial animals have been reared in four upazilas of the district. Of the total 87,796 animals will be met the local demand and rest of 62,776 animals will be sold to other districts of the country. 

It may be mentioned here that 32,009 cows and buffalos as well as 1,18,563 goats and rams have been prepared as sacrificial animals on the eve of Eid-Ul-Azha.  

It is learnt, a total of 87,796 sacrificial animals are demand in the district. Of the total uapazila wise breaks up are-20,745 in sadar upazila, 22,825 in Alamdanga upazila, 17,726 in Damurhuda upazila and 26,500 in Jibannagar upazila. This demand will meet through the reared sacrificial animals. 

 About 62,776 sacrificial animals will be sold to other district including Dhaka and Chottogram. 

The sources added that 11,164 farms are in the district. Of the total 1,195 farms are in sadar upazila, 5,195 in Alamdanga upazila, 2,504 in Damurhuda upazila and 2,270 in Jibannagar upazila. Most of the farm owners are educated unemployed youths, housewives and farmers. 

Hazzaz Bin Tahaz, a farmer of Alamdanga said he has sold 22 cows in the meantime at tk. 99,00,000. 

Shahab Uddin, a farmer of Boalia in Sadar upazial said he is waiting to sell his cows. Some buyers are coming but when he gets his target price he will sell it. 

Mahfuzuddin of village Alukdia said he has reared five cows as sacrificial animal, hope that he will sell these at tk. 5,00,000. 

Dr. Golam Mostofa, District Livestock Officer said they are expecting that the surplus reared sacrificial animals will be sold to Dhaka and Chottogram in fair price. Farmers and owners of farms will be happy to sell their reared sacrificial animals.