Runa Khan wraps up filming ‘Shodh’

Published : 24 Sep 2023 07:23 PM

National Film Award-winning actress Runa Kha has wrapped up shooting for her latest web film, ‘Shodh,’ directed by Shahriar Nazim Joy. In this web film, Runa Khan takes on the challenging task of portraying dual characters—a village housewife and a modern city woman.

The filming of ‘Shodh’ took place at various locations in Gazipur and Manikgangj.

Runa Khan said, “I have always been passionate about taking on challenging acting roles. In this particular web film, I had the opportunity to portray two distinct characters—an ordinary village housewife and a modern urban woman. It demanded significant effort to effectively bring both characters to life, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Runa Khan expressed optimism that ‘Shodh,’ with its relatable storyline reflecting familiar aspects of our lives, will strongly resonate with the audience and receive a positive response. She believes that the narrative's impact on people's minds will pique the audience's interest in the web film.

Looking ahead, Runa Khan has hinted at more exciting and demanding roles in projects with compelling stories. She is committed to enhancing her craft and is currently planning these upcoming projects to connect even more effectively with her audience.

Notably, Runa Khan received widespread acclaim for her performances in ‘Gohin Baluchor,’ directed by Badrul Anam Saud. She earned her first National Film Award for her outstanding acting in the film ‘Halda,’ directed by Tauquir Ahmed.