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Rows of palm trees beautify in Naogaon village paths

Published : 03 Aug 2021 09:54 PM

Rows and rows of palm trees are spreading beauty on both sides of a 3 km long road at a village of Mahadevpur in Naogaon.  About 5,000 palm trees stretched over the 3 km road have become a sight to behold. Nature-loving people are coming from far and wide to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of this palm territory.

Locals say that these palm trees, planted 30 years ago are also playing a major role in preventing lightning. The upazila administration has assured the development of infrastructure including protection of this marginal palm garden. 

In the pick monsoon, the fields of the Barind region are now full of water. Amid that water, farmers are preparing to plant Ropa Aus paddy in the area. The paved road runs through the middle of the wide paddy fields. All of this together has created a mesmerizing natural scenario in Mahadevpur village.

The connecting road of at least 20 villages in the vicinity of Kayarpara under Khajur Union of Mahadevpur in Naogaon was built by the locals after independence. At first the road was a earthen path for the people of the village. However, the road has recently been paved under rural infrastructure development. The palm trees are planted along 3 km area of this 12 km road. 

Palm garden recreation has created a different mood for the people who love entertainment. As the Nibir palm trees are whitewashed on both sides of the road, a unique image of the rural atmosphere emerges when viewed from a distance. The rural green environment of the vast green fields around and the open air are spreading a different atmosphere.

About 30 years ago, Khitish Chandra, a tree lover from the local Kayarpara village, dreamed of this sweet path. On his own initiative, he collected palm seeds from different places and planted them on both sides of the road. Over time, these palm trees are contributing to the prevention of lightning, on the other hand, they are spreading the beauty of beauty to the people who love entertainment. At a distance of 40 km from the district town, this palm kingdom is protecting the environment as well as attracting the visitors on both sides of the road.

 Tapan Mandal, son of the late Khitish said, “His father did not plant these trees out of any interest. He planted these palm seeds with genuine love for the environment. Although we could not evaluate his garden while he was alive, our relatives and locals are proud of his great work today.”

Local senior teacher Ashraf Ali, Balram Chandra Barman said, "We could not assess Khitish while he was alive but today I feel very good seeing his work being evaluated. Amid this Corona lockdown, people of all ages are coming from far and wide in the morning and afternoon to see the beautiful environment of the palm garden. The visitors spent a short time to take the essence of pure nature. They demand to build some additional infrastructure to retain the beauty of the place.”

A local voluntary organization is working to highlight the role of conservation and environment in this palm garden. Faisal Hossain, chief engineer of the organization, said, “Today we are as delighted for the palm garden. At the same time, I would like to highlight the consciousness of Khitish, the creator of this palm garden, among the new generation. Belal Hossain, chairman of Khajur Union Parishad, said he would work to build more palm gardens like the late Khitish to avoid natural disasters. Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mizanur Rahman assured to provide all possible cooperation to protect the beautiful environment of the Palm Garden.