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Roquibul honoured with Independence Award

Published : 11 Mar 2023 09:29 PM

Roquibul Hassan the living legend in the history of the Bangladesh cricket honoured with the Independence Award (Swadhinata Padak), the highest award for the civilian for the contribution in the different sectors of the countries.

This year the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh announced the name of 10 personalities and institutions for Independence Award (Swadhinata Padak) when Roquibul Hassan former captain of the Bangladesh national cricket team was considered for the award for his contribution in the sports.

Roquibul Hassan was also considered for the award for his outstanding contribution in the liberation was and braveness at cricket ground.

In the early of 1971 in a cricket match at the then Dhaka Stadium (today Bangabandhu Stadium) between the then Pakistan and Commonwealth Cricket Eleven, Roquibul, who was one of the players of that team, showed his braveness with carrying the bat clipped with the sticker of ‘Joy Bangla’ slogan. At that time it was an impossible job and an accomplishment when the political situation was very alarming and panicked.

The Bangladeshi (East Pakistan) people were preparing for the liberation war, Roquibul did that very job just overlooking frighten of Army run Pakistani administration.

Roquibul then joined in the liberation War (Muktijudha) battled for the independence of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Government acclaimed his contribution with offering the highest award.

Roquibul Hassan, one of the most stylist batters of all times in Bangladesh cricket, was also the captain of the Bangladesh cricket team after the independence.

Meanwhile, English Channel winner Brozen Das, Chess player Niaz Morshed, all times great and most celebrity footballer of the country Kazi Mohammed Salahuddin, swimmer Mosarraf Hossain, runner Habilder Mostaque also were honoured with this award as the sports personalities. 

Roquibul, when shared his feelings to the media after being awarded with the highest reward was overwhelmed having the honour.

“The acknowledgement for any of contribution or success is great, I really feel proud after having this honour. I think it’s not only me, it is the achievement of all cricketers and I want to share this with all the criketers of my time and of this time.”