CAB in India

Roopa Ganguly recounts horror she faced in Bangladesh

Indian actress-turned-politician Roopa Ganguly has recounted the horror she faced in Bangladesh when she fled in Burkha (Muslim veil).
She, however, did not say exactly which year she fled from her home Dinajpur. But said she could be the begum of ‘Khan Tiger’, if not fled. This indicates the 1971 war of independence when occupied Pakistani raped over 400,000 Bangladeshi women.

Roopa revealed the horror recently during the passing of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB), which became a boiling point in Indian political discourse. She is an MP from the ruling BJP. With the passage of CAB, persecuted non-Muslims, like Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, Christians, and Hindus, of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, will find it easier to get Indian citizenship. Opposition parties said the Bill goes against the secular nature of India.

As protests raged, Roopa took twitter to thank home minister Amit Shah for getting the bill passed. She said people had come to kidnap her and she had a close shave. She said she and her mother fled Bangladesh's Dinajpur when she was in Class 7. Roopa said they ran in burkhas (Muslim veil) to save themselves.

She asked where will the persecuted ones go if not India? “How many times we change our homes. How many times we live as #Udvastu (sic),” her tweet read. She also slammed the opposition for allegedly mocking the plight of immigrants with their "expressions" during the debates.