Romania to recruit 40,000 Bangladeshis

Invest more in developing skilled manpower

Published : 15 Oct 2021 08:51 PM | Updated : 16 Oct 2021 12:50 PM

The overall manpower export from Bangladesh is expected to increase gradually in the coming days as the Covid-19 pandemic hit world’s economy is showing nascent signs of recovery. The country has sent over 23, 21,084 workers in 160 countries since fiscal 2017-18 to May 2020-2021 so far.

Earlier, the government declared the overseas employment sector as a “thrust sector” with maximum stress upon further expanding job markets for the Bangladeshi job seekers abroad. Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen on Thursday said Romania, the southeastern European country would recruit 40,000 Bangladeshis. Romania will recruit Bangladeshis for the Halal meat processing units as the country exports Halal meat to other countries.

The government should invest more in 

developing need-based skilled 

manpower for the post Covid-19 world

Bangladesh has opened its mission in Romania recently and recruitment of around 2,000 Bangladeshis has already been completed and the country would recruit another 40,000. Besides, Singapore also has also shown its keen interest to export manpower from Bangladesh immediately. Apart from these, the new labour migration to Poland, Croatia and Uzbekistan began and initiatives have also been taken to sign MoUs with potential countries on a priority basis.

On the other hand, Bangladesh wants to move fast in a coordinated way to explore opportunities in "contract farming", especially taking advantage of farming in the Middle East and greater African landscape. 

The government became worried seeing the impact of Covid-19 on Bangladeshi workers abroad, but things are turning positive amid their efforts. And the government has been working relentlessly for creating employment for Bangladeshis. Reportedly, as many as 5, 30,578 Bangladesh workers have got overseas jobs, sending $18,205.01 million in the FY20. Although the coronavirus has hit every country in the world, Bangladesh sent 2, 17,491 workers overseas and received $ 22,836.98 million as remittance. 

The government will have to invest in developing need-based skilled manpower for the post Covid-19 world as it is expected that the demand for jobs like nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers would increase in many countries. Also authorities concerned should take steps to provide oversees jobseekers with necessary  trainings.

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