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Rohingyas leaving camps in Cox’s Bazar in search of work

Published : 06 Apr 2022 09:10 PM

The Rohingyas who took refuge in Bangladesh from Myanmar to save their lives do not want to stay in the camp. Hundreds of Rohingya are going out every day in search of work. On Tuesday, Ukhia Teknaf police arrested 130 Rohingyas and sent them back to the camp. On Tuesday, Ukhia police alone detained 136 Rohingyas. Ukhia Teknaf police have arrested 266 Rohingyas in two days.

Many questions have been raised about the role of the Armed Police Battalion and other agencies operating inside the camp.

 It is learned that on August 25, 2016, millions of Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh to save their lives in the face of continued attacks by the military junta of the neighboring country Myanmar. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, considering the humanitarian aspect, sheltered these patients in Bangladesh. At present there are about 12 lakh shelters in 34 camps at Ukhia and Teknaf in Cox's Bazar. The Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commission looks after these Rohingyas and takes care of them. In all the camps, one by one camp in-charge has been given to the executive magistrates. Besides, 3 more police battalions are deployed in the camps to maintain law and order in the camps.

 Mahbubur Rahman, president of the Cox's Bazar Rohingya Prevention Committee, said hundreds of Rohingyas were leaving the camp and coming to the locality to mingle with the Bangladeshi people. These Rohingyas are involved in many jobs like earthworks, rickshaw, tomtom, CNG, fishing trawler workers. The chairman of the Rohingya Prevention Committee also said that it was not possible for law enforcement agencies to identify the Rohingyas as they were involved in various criminal activities and did not have any identity card or fingerprint. After enjoying all the facilities of these Rohingya camps, they are earning money even after coming out again. As a result, Bangladeshi workers are being deprived of their fair share, said Mahbubur Rahman, president of the Rohingya Resistance Committee.

S.M Nazrul Islam, member secretary of the Cox's Bazar Citizens' Movement, said the people of Cox's Bazar wanted to know what the APBN members did in the Rohingya camp. Asked if the set posts were just harassing locals, he said APBN members acted as pampering Rohingyas in the name of controlling Rohingyas. Asked how the Rohingyas came out amid tight security by APBN members, he said it was necessary to find out who was behind the Rohingyas coming out. Otherwise, the country's security will be threatened. Ordinary Bangladeshis have raised questions about the role of organizations, including the Armed Police Battalion, which is responsible for controlling the Rohingya in the camps.

Cox's Bazar Superintendent of Police Md Hasanuzzaman told PPM that checkposts were being set up in Ukhia and Teknaf every day to prevent Rohingyas from leaving the camps and joining Bangladeshis. Teknaf police arrested 50 Rohingyas and Ukhia police on Tuesday after searching vehicles on the Cox's Bazar-Teknaf road.

Earlier on Monday, Ukhia police conducted a similar search and arrested 136 Rohingyas. After completing their legal process, they were sent to a transit camp. Superintendent of Police Md. Hasanuzzaman also said that the operation to catch these Rohingyas will continue as they have left the camp using various tactics.