Road safety still a far cry

Law enforcement needs to be stronger

Reckless driving and violation of traffic rules on the roads and highways across the country is proving quite difficult for authorities. The government has already undertaken and implemented various measures which have not achieved the desired effect.

Countless lives are lost each day to road accidents which can be avoided by following rules and taking precautions while on the roads. Law enforcement agencies are unable to rein in the reckless driving which takes place, especially at night when the roads and highways are empty. 

The Road Transport Act-2018 came into effect on November 17. Despite the law being enforced, the roads and highways continue to be the deadliest places and take thousands of lives. According to experts, the reason that accidents continue to happen is because the practical application of the law on roads is yet to become visible.

Despite repeated assurances from the authorities to take strict action against reckless drivers and transport owners, accidents are continuing at an alarming rate. Many of the perpetrators are not being brought to justice and so the cycle of reckless driving perpetuates. The main causes for traffic accidents are careless driving, unskilled drivers and mismanagement on the highway.

Despite repeated assurances from the 

authorities to take strict action against reckless 

drivers and transport owners, 

accidents are continuing at an alarming rate

Since the road safety protests almost a one and half years ago, thousands of volunteer groups, teachers, students and people as well as the government, private organizations and different socio-cultural organizations have raised their voice in protest of reckless driving. These efforts have fallen on deaf ears as drivers are becoming careless day by day. Buses and trucks on highways do not pay heed to the highway police when they are told to reduce their speed. 

The country also suffers an economic loss of about Tk 380 billion each year because of road accidents. Road accidents are a big impediment for the country in terms of reaching our development potential. 

It is high time that the government takes a strong stance to ensure road safety. Those who are responsible for reckless driving must be brought to justice. These individuals should be given the harshest penalties so that in the future people think twice before violating traffic rules.