RMCH selected for excellence award

Published : 19 May 2022 09:42 PM

By providing better, appropriate treatment for Corona patients, Rajshahi Medical College Hospital has been selected by the Ministry of Health as one of the best hospitals among three in the country. The authorities of RMCH have also taken several development projects for the hospital and the Ministry of Health has agreed to implement all those projects, informed Fazley Hossain Badsha, Member of Parliament of Rajshahi Sadar constituency. 

Fazley Hossain Badsha informed, the Health Ministry has decided to increase 1,000 more beds of the hospital and the works of construction of new building for this purpose will soon be started. He added, Health Ministry is working to turn RMCH as a modern hospital with all available treatment facilities. He further informed, the present ICU of the hospital will the shifted to Cardiac Building of the hospital and the present ICU building will turn to the Burn and Plastic Surgery unit. The 'One Stop Crisis Centre' at the Emergency department will also be shifted to another ward and a Radiology department will be opened at the Outpatient ward (Outdoor) of Hospital. A modern Mortuary will also be set up at the hospital. Projects for the works have already been passed and the works are expected to start soon.

According to RMCH sources, a 20-storied building will be constructed in the hospital and the building will be named as' Surgery Building'. Ministry of Health has already given a green signal to pass the project.  

According to sources, after joining the incumbent Director of RMCH Brig Gen Shamim Yazdani, there has been a great positive change in Medicare services of the hospital. Specially, all sort of tests at the hospital are now conducted at a very low cost. During the Corona pandemic, Director Shamim Yazdani played a vital role in ensuring proper treatment for all Corona patients, For his untiring and devoted services for Corona patients, Director Shamim Yazdani has been awarded with ' Health Minister National ward-2020' On March-31 this year (2022) Health Minister Zahid Malik handed over the prize to the Director Shamim Yazdani through a function held in Dhaka.  

Director of RMCH Shamim Yazdani informed, at present the total number of beds in the hospital is 1,200 but more or less 2,500 patients always admitted and take treatment here daily. Earlier, nearly 2,500 patients took treatment at the 'Outdoor' daily but now the treatment and drugs being available, 6,000 to 7,000 patients thronged at the Outdoor daily to receive treatment. As a result, the capacity of the hospital is being increased.  He said,' the government is providing us with all necessary requirement. The President of the Hospital Board of Directors Fazley Hossain Badsha MP is also trying his best to develop the hospital. There will be a great change in the Medicare scenario in Rajshahi if the closed Rajshahi Sadar Hospital is reopened. There will be an abrupt change in Medicare services in Rajshahi with the reopening of Rajshahi Sadar Hospital,' he added. 

MP Fazley Hossain Badsha in this connection mentioned, Rajshahi Sadar Hospital will soon be reopened. The central Oxygen supply lines at the wards of the hospital have been set up and a total of 29 ICU beds will be set up at the hospital and it is hoped with the ICUs at RMCH and the ICUs of the Sadar Hospital, there will be no shortages of ICU beds for the time being, added Badsha.