Restriction on catching native fish on the cards

Take pragmatic steps to protect them from extinction

It is good to note that the government is planning to impose a restriction on catching the indigenous species of fish during the breeding season across the country for a few days. We hope this move will help increase production and conserve the indigenous fish species from further degradation in the country’s all water bodies.

Once the indigenous fish species, particularly the smaller ones were on the verge of extinction due to the use of chemical fertilizers, unplanned use of land and shortage of ponds, lakes and other water bodies. So, if a restriction on catching the native fish is imposed during the breeding season, we will be able to bring back the endangered small species of indigenous fish like in the past. We think all water bodies and floodplains will be turned into sanctuary for delicious fresh water indigenous species of fish, if their proper breeding is ensured.

We all will have to come forward and extend all-out 

support to the government to protect the native fish 

resources from further degradation

We envisage that the new initiative will boost native fish output, cut rural poverty and ensure nutrition security in the rural areas. Besides, creating awareness among mass people is also a must to produce more fish with proper use of water-bodies. Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI), the Fisheries Department and the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock will also have to conduct research to protect the native species of fish and increase their production.

During restriction a large number of mother fish of various local species will breed in the rivers, haor, baor, beel, jheel and other water bodies and fishermen of adjacent areas will be able to catch varieties of endangered and rare species of fish from there. Besides, various native fishes growing in open water bodies have been contributing a lot to maintain natural ecosystem and wetland habitats along with protecting the aquatic biodiversity. Therefore, we all will have to come forward and extend all-out support to the government to protect the native fish resources from further degradation from the country’s water bodies.