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‘Restore Ishwardi play grounds for public use’

Published : 03 Oct 2023 09:59 PM

A human-chain was held in Ishwardi, Pabna demanding renovation of all playing fields in the upazila which are currently unsuitable for use as drug addicted people occupy the fields most of the time. 

The human chain was held at the Ishwardi Press Club, organized by a local anti-drugs campaigning organization - Manab.

Earlier at around 10 am Manab President MasumParvezKallol said at a press conference held at the local press club, that “Besides various charity activities in Ishwardi, Manab also organizes sport events like football tournaments, cricket matches and anti-drugs concerts.”

He regretted that among the playing grounds where sports events are held, the grounds of M Mansur Ali Stadium, S M School and College, Loko Football, New Colony, Government College, Alhajj School, SharaGopalpur School, Asna School, Majhdia Madrasa and Baghoil Field are currently not suitable for such events.”

He also said, “Besides arranging programs for the youngsters, football leagues and tournaments were also regularly held for children in the grounds of Ishwardi. But over time these playing grounds have become unsuitable for playing due to land grabbing and pollution. As a result, there is no room for sports and cultural programs, and for this reason, teenagers and adolescents are becoming addicted to drugs.”  Kollol drew attention of the local administration to restore the playing fields for the future generation.

Those present at the press conference included General Secretary of ManabAbul Hossain Rubel, President of Brothers’ Union Club AbulKalam Azad Runa, President of SonaliAtit Club Sirajul Islam Mohan, Vice President of ManabSadekul Islam Rasel, Organizational Secretary Ashikul Islam Piash, Women’s Affairs Manager Sultana Kakoli, FarzanaFerdousPushpo and journalists from various media. 

After the press conference, a human-chain was organized at Station Road with the participation of players from various local sports organizations. Speeches were given by Journalist SelimSardar, Sports Organizer Sirajul Islam Mohen, AbulKalam Azad Rona and others. 

After wards, they gave written statements to Poura  Mayor Ishak Ali Malitha and the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) demanding the reform of the playing grounds.