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25th Death Anniversary of Jahanara Imam

Reminiscing the Shaheed Janani

Published : 25 Jun 2019 04:17 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:50 PM

Jahanara Imam was a Bangladeshi writer and political activist. She is remembered for her efforts to bring those accused of committing war crimes in the Liberation War to trial. Jahanara Imam is the first woman of the country who raised her voice in demanding trails for those accused of committing war crimes during the Liberation War of 1971. She was also the first editor of the monthly women's magazine called "Khawateen". She was known as “Shaheed Janani” (Mother of Martyrs). 

Jahanara Imam obtained her Bachelor Degree’s in 1947 from Lady Brabourne College of Calcutta University and a Master's Degree from University of Dhaka. She started her career as a school teacher. Jahanara Imam also worked as a lecturer in the Teacher’s Training College in Dhaka. 

She was a very famous writer.  In 1986 she published her wartime diary ‘Ekattorer Dinguli’ (The days of Seventy One). This book was a seminal event in the history of Bangladesh when it was published. When she was suffering the pain of her cancer she took the initiative to form Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee and led the movement for holding the trial of the 1971 war criminals.  


Award from Bangladesh Writer's Association (1988)

Bangla Academy Literary Award (1991)

Independence Day Award (1997)

Rokeya Padak (1998)

People from all walks of life joined the Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee including freedom fighters, intellectuals, writers, journalists, artists, and cultural activists. She received many awards in her life.  In 1988, she got the award from Bangladesh Writer's Association. Ten years later she also got the Rokeya Padak. 

Jahanara Imam is remembered for her book ‘Ekattorer Dinguli’ and several other books like ‘Ayna Jiban,’ ‘Birshrestha,’ ‘Dui Meru,’ ‘Cancer-er Sange Boshobash.’ As a teacher many of her students remember her, especially as the headmistress of Siddheswari Girls’ High School. She was also honored with Bangla Academy Award in 1991. Her simple style of writing touched many hearts.    

She had been suffering as a throat cancer patient for a long time and she died of cancer at the age of 65 in a Michigan hospital in the United States of America on June 26, 1994. She was the inspiration of our generation. We can learn a lot of things from her patriotism, devotion, sacrifice and struggle.