Record high tea production expected

Time to energise export

It is good to note that tea production from 166 gardens across the country is expected to break all previous records this year. Many of the people involved in tea production opined that at least 90 million kg tea is going to be produced this year which will be all-time high in the history of tea industry of Bangladesh. Industry insiders are of the opinion that favorable weather conditions have facilitated the tea garden in boosting production.

We are aware that tea is in the third positions far as export is concerned therefore pragmatic policy is needed for further expansion of our tea industry. Tea is globally one of the most popular and lowest cost beverages, next only to water.

 Our trade policy needs to be revised to allow imports of made tea and exports of green leaf

The habit of drinking hot cups of tea throughout the day started to become popular since the 19th century in the Indian sub-continent and it still remains the most favourite of all drinks in Bangladesh. This remains to be said that once Bangladesh was one of the major growers and exporters of special kind of tea that was most sought after by connoisseurs in England and other European countries. The Sylhet tea used to be sold at high price in London markets.

There is denying that tea industry had been one of the major contributors to our national exchequer for a long time. But over the last decades, the industry has confronted with a multitude of problems like lack of capital and modern machinery, lower yield per hectare and lower market price. There is also lack of perennial water source for irrigation during dry season. 

Tea gardens need constant supply of utilities like water, gas and electricity to keep the factories running so that production may go up. We hope the departments concerned will look into this matter with due gravity. Also our trade policy needs to be revised to allow imports of made tea and exports of green leaf.