Reconsider fuel price

Take action to keep the price at ‘tolerable level’

Published : 07 Aug 2022 08:55 PM

Amid the struggle to cope with the record hike in daily essentials, a fresh price hike of fuel oil has dealt a further blow to common people especially the low and fixed income groups. Fuel price hike is going to hit the country’s major sectors including transport and agriculture alongside casting a negative impact on the living cost. To this end, the government should take necessary measures to bring fuel price to tolerable level. 

Making the fuel price hike an issue, different organised syndicates comprising traders, wholesalers and millers are also set to hike the prices of daily essentials further. They are also instigating general people to take to the streets in order to make the country dysfunctional. Therefore, the government should be fully prepared to face the possible severe impact of sudden fuel price hike

The government should take necessary 

measures to bring fuel price to tolerable level

Low-income people, especially day-labourers, rickshaw-pullers, drivers or housemaids used to come to buy daily essentials at low prices earlier at the state-run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh’s (TCB) truck sale. But now the middle-class people are also crowding to buy products standing in queues, mounting pressure on the sellers of TCB on Sunday. TCB is now selling essential commodities, including edible oil, at affordable prices  among low-income groups of people across the country.

The government must monitor the overall situation round-the-clock in order to thwart any attempt to make fuel price hike an issue to create anarchy in the country. Besides, it will also have to collect necessary information through forming a monitoring cell to remain updated. We believe the government will reconsider the price of fuel oil immediately. Therefore, none will have any scope to mislead the people through spreading falsehood and propaganda. 

All believe the dark cloud caused by Covid-19 pandemic coupled with the Russia-Ukraine war, disruption of the supply chain and the latest price hike of fuel oils prices descended over the country’s economic sector will be disappearing immediately. The government must work with all the stakeholders in a coordinated and integrated way to overcome the crisis and continue sustainable economic growth. Therefore, the government needs to take bold steps to bring smiles on people’s faces alongside the country’s economy back on track.