REB to provide special services in Ramadan

In order to supply uninterrupted power, Rural Electrification Board (REB) has announced a number of initiatives ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, for its 2,60,00,000 clients under 80 rural electricity associations, said a press release.

Under the initiatives, Iftar, Tarabeeh and Sehri have been given special preferences. 

REB complain centres would be opened for 24 hours a day; mobile number of complaint center is mentioned behind the power bill and a hotline has been introduced for each association (which will be notified locally).

Moreover, declaring the month of Ramadan as ‘special service month’, REB would establish observation cell in each association which would be monitored and coordinated from a central cell (01792663434, 02-8900575) at REB HQ.

Maintenance of electrical installations and equipment in all stations and sub-stations has been completed in addition to cancelling leaves of all employees to ensure the uninterrupted power supply.

According to the release, transformer, meter, cable etc. necessary equipment are kept in the nearest office of the customer for emergency demand.