Re-autopsy of DU student demanded

Local people organised a human chain at Balaripara area of Natore by rejecting the report of autopsy of Sumaiya Khatun, a student of Dhaka University on Saturday.

Nujhat Sultana, mother of victim Sumaiya, said at the human chain that the accused were trying to hush up the incident of murder by exerting influence that is why she demanded the autopsy is conducted for the second time and to ensure the proper justice. 

She further mentioned, the autopsy report submitted with the court on Wednesday mentioned the cause of death of Sumaiya was due to suicide. Afterwards, father in law and mother in law of Sumaiya were released on bail from the jail. But, Sumiya's husband Mostaque Hossain is still in the jail. 

It is learnt, on 22 June this year, Mostaque Hossain, husband of Sumaiya and his parents escaped by leaving dead body of Sumaiya at Natore Sadar Hospital. The incident of death of Sumaiya, a student of the department of Islamic Studies of Dhaka University and resident of Natore, became viral in the social media. Sumaiya's mother Nujhat Sultana filed a case accusing husband Mostaque Hossain as the prime accused in this connection.