Rare snake ‘Padma Gokhra’ rescued

A rare, extremely venomous snake 'Padma Gokhra' has been rescued from the trap of a fisherman at Gomastapur upazila of Chapainawabganj district on  Thursday evening.  After rescuing, the snake has been sent to the Venom Research Centre at Chittagong Medical College Hospital.

Borhan Biswas Romon, Founder Director of Snake Rescure and Conservation Centre at Paba in Rajshahi informed, the rescued snake is extremely venomous. The nervous system of a person is damaged as soon as the snake bites a person. 

He further said, the snake is not usually visible in Rajshahi region. In Jatahar village under Gomastapur upazila two of Padma Gokhra snakes have so far been found.  Earlier, eight months ago, another Padma Gokhra was caught in the village which was also rescued and sent to Chittagong Medical College.

It is learnt, on Thursday night another Padma Khokhra was trapped in the net of a fisherman at a local water body. Fisherman Ismail Hossain did not kill the snake rather he informed Romon of snake Rescue centre and he came to Rajshahi with the snake. The scientific name of the snake is Naja Kautia and it a rare species in Rajshahi region.