Railway revenue increases in Ctg

Every day two freight trains are leaving for different parts of the country. These goods transport trains have been leaving Chittagong to meet the food shortage since the corona virus infection in the country.

Not only food trains, but also oil and container trains are leaving from Chittagong. While the revenue of the passenger train of the railway is lagging due to corona, railway Chittagong division has earned about Tk 15 crore in 3 months by transporting goods.

General Manager (Additional Responsibilities) of Eastern Railway Sardar Shahadat Ali said, “I am operating goods trains from Chittagong to all over the country during the corona period. 

In order to meet the food shortage in the country, the goods transport train is running normally even during the lockdown. Our activities are mainly in response to the government's initiative to keep the economy afloat in corona.

He said there was no intention as to how much money would be earned. The main purpose was to play the role of government initiatives. However, we are optimistic about the income. This income will increase further.

Divisional Commercial Officer of Eastern Railway Ansar Ali said the railway carried 12,451 wagons in March, April and May. Of this, 1 lakh 67 thousand 543 metric tons was transported. Railway revenue from transport is 14 crore 90 lakh 41 thousand 497 taka.

This current year in March the income is 7 crore 52 lakh 37 thousand 978 taka, in April the income is 4 crore 20 lakh 39 thousand 841 taka and in May the income is 3 crore 17 lakh 13 thousand 678 taka. It carried 82.578 thousand metric tons in March, 48.913 thousand metric tons in April and 36.52 thousand metric tons in May.

However, both transportation and revenue have declined due to the corona virus compared to last year. This year in May the income from transporting goods was 3 crore 17 lakh 13 thousand 678 taka and last year May the income was 5 crore 83 lakh 20 thousand 213 taka. Similarly, in March and April the income is less than last year.

According to transport department sources, one train a day started transporting agricultural commodities to Chittagong-Dhaka and Dewanganj-Dhaka to meet the country's food shortage in corona. 

But even though parcel trains were introduced for agricultural products, the railways stopped the movement of parcel trains from Chittagong to Dhaka as they could not transport enough goods.

Five of the six bogies of the parcel train from Chittagong to Dhaka were empty till May 1-3. So the parcel train from Chittagong to Dhaka was stopped due to loss.

However, freight trains have been plying regularly from Chittagong port carrying government food, containers, oil, MRC, military goods, stones etc.