Rail modernisation taking place

Projects should be completed within deadline

The recent news about modernisation of railway in the country to make travelling from the capital to other corners of the country is a good initiative. The Prime Minister’s approach towards creating a high speed rail track for the masses is a pragmatic one as it will connect the longest sea beach in the world with the capital. The time and effort that was needed for travelling the distance from Dhaka to Chattogram will be sufficiently decreased through the realisation of this project.

On another note, the feasibility study of the Dhaka-Chattogram route has already been completed. The sooner the construction work begins the better. There are only three years at hand for the completion of this high budget project. 

The initiative to construct a

 railway bridge to connect the eastern 

and western part of the country 

together with the Bangabandhu

 Bridge is praiseworthy

Meanwhile, the age old project to connect the tourist zone Cox’s Bazar with the commercial capital of Chattogram might finally see light of completion as the highest authorities have approved this. This motion by the government is surely a great feat towards development. On another note, the initiative to construct a railway bridge to connect the eastern and western part of the country together with the Bangabandhu Bridge is quite praiseworthy. Previously, the scene was such that the people had to travel over the Bangabandhu Bridge by vehicles to travel from the western side to the eastern side, and vice versa. With the rail bridge more mass communication will take place. 

This looks towards a huge expenditure from the government and Japanese international cooperation agency (JICA). Although these two parties will put out most of the money another huge sum of money will come from the Chinese government and the government exchequer.