Rail line renovation work begins following Bangladesh Post’s news

Chittagong University, one of the two universities in the world, has own shuttle train. Students of the university commute by this train regularly.

But remaining unrepaired for long, the train line became week structurally. In this situation, the authorities concerned used bamboo at the line despite using hard metals like iron. On July 19 last, a report was published in Bangladesh Post titled 'Save shuttle train from accident'. All the irregularities related to the rail line were mentioned.

After publishing the news, the university authorities became very conscious and removed all the used bamboo at the rail line.

In consequent, Railways Minister Nurul Islam Sujon has visited the university on July 24. He reached the university by the shuttle train and attended a meeting with the university authorities. During the meeting, the minister said, “I have noticed all the problems of the train line while coming here by the train. Temporary problems will be solved soon”

A new train with 15 to 16 bogies will be added in this line. It will be facilitated with WiFi, fans, chairs and washroom. Standard will be maintained for the teachers. Passengers' canopy will be set up at the stoppage, he said. He also gave assurance to renovate the rail line.

Acting Proctor of CU Pranab Mitra Chowdhury told Bangladesh Post that the renovation activities of the rail line have been started. Temporary problems of the line were removed away. Some renovation tasks are underway, he added.