Rafi’s new web film ‘Nishwas’ starring Farin

Published : 21 Aug 2022 08:13 PM

Director Raihan Rafi is in ultimate beast mood. After the success of ‘Poran’ he is coming with surprises one after another. Earlier this month the director has released the trailer of film ‘Damal’ which is coming in October and now on Saturday Aug 20 he dropped a teaser of his upcoming directorial Chorki original web film titled ‘Nishwas’ starring Tasnia Farin in the lead.

The teaser shows Farin barges in a hospital and keeps firing in a dark place while tense music plays in the background. It is learnt that the web film has been made based on the brainwashing of the youth in the clutches of militancy. Tasnia Farin will be seen opposite Imtiaz Barshan in the web film.

Regarding the context director Raihan Rafi said, 'I am actually very lucky and also very happy that my movie is playing in theaters and will also come in OTT soon. This is the most experimental work I have done so far.'

In reference to several consecutive works, he said, 'I actually live in the cinema. Stay in the story. I haven't had a break for 1 week since I started working in movies. I like to stay at work. This is probably why I can give so many web film/ films to the audience.'

He further added that apart from the central characters, more than 50 artistes have worked in the web film. It will soon be seen in the OTT platform Chorki.