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RAB finds Helena’s link with Sefuda, seizes drugs and casino equipment

Published : 30 Jul 2021 09:12 PM | Updated : 31 Jul 2021 12:59 AM

Controversial businessman turned politician Helena Jahangir was arrested on Thursday midnight from her Gulshan residence in the capital Dhaka.

RAB's Legal and Media Wing Director Commander Khondker Al Moyeen confirmed it.

She was arrested from her Flat on the 4th Floor at House No 5, Road No 36, Gulshan-2 at about 12:15am. According to the RAB officials, they also seized casino game equipment, huge quantity of liquor, yaba pills, a deer hide, a wild animal hide, minimum 10 types of sharp knives, foreign currencies, two walkie-talkie sets, and a red-colored luggage containing illegal goods from her flat.

Arrested Helena Jahangir was first taken to the RAB Headquarters at Uttara in the capital. However, on Friday afternoon, she was handed over to Gulshan Police.

RAB also said Helena Jahangir was arrested for questioning whether she had any links with the illegal goods seized from her flat.

Earlier on Thursday night, RAB raided the residence of Helena Jahangir in Gulshan area at about 8:00pm.

He said Helena Jahangir's residence was raided on the basis of various charges. 

Expressing on condition of annonimity, a guard of the house said around 12  RAB personnel entered Helena Jahangir's flat after 8:00pm on Thursday. After sometime, more than 10 female RAB personnel also entered the flat. 

At about 12:00 midnight, RAB said illicit foreign liquor, yaba pills and other illegal goods were seized from Helena Jahangir's flat.

Her husband Md Jahangir Alam was also arrested.

RAB-4 later conducted another operation at her Jayayatra television station office in Mirpur area at midnight.

During primary interrogation, Helena admitted that she had high ambition.

By using social media, she has been tarnishing the reputation of important personalities.

She was also creating confusions in the minds of the people by spreading fabricated information. 

She used to embarrass the eminent personalities and esteemed organizations by spreading their pictures through social media.

She had also formed a circle to materialize her ill-motive. In different contexts at different times, she used to come to Facebook Live and delivered unsolicited and ugly speeches. 

Helena used to taunt and tease various respected people and also called them later and insulted them.

She has links with expatriate Sefuda, who also makes obscene and vulgar remarks through social media

She tried to catch the eye of the people.  Helena had financial transactions with Sefuda.

She admitted that Sefuda used to address her as his granddaughter.

 She subconsciously was introducing herself as ‘Mother Teresa’, ‘Village Mother’, ‘Expatriate Mother’.

She was using her Jayayatra Foundation as a shield to get funds from various types of local and foreign organizations and individuals.

The foundation was promoting her more than conducting humanitarian aids.

Helena Jhanagir had different bad agendas and she has memberships in about leading social clubs.

RAB-4 in their raid in association with BTRC found unauthorized equipment at

Jayayatra Television station office and sealed it.

She was used to extorting and cheating people in the name of appointing the staffers  and journalists  for that illegal  television. One such extortion-related phone conversation has already gone viral through social media. 

Documents related to her extortions were also seized during the operation.

Recently, Awami League issued an official press release relieving Helena Jahangir from the party's Women Affairs sub-committee. It said Helena Jahangir was a member of AL's Women Affairs sub-committee, but she has been relieved from the member post due to her recent anti-organisational activities spread on a social medium.

A day after her relieving from the sub-committee, Helena Jahangir appeared on Facebook live and burst into tears. She also denied all the allegations brought against her.

Helena Jahangir, also the founder and CEO of Joyjatra Television, became the member of Awami League's Women Affairs sub-committee on January 17 this year. Earlier in December 2020, she became Cumilla North District Awami League's advisory committee member. She collected the party nomination form in late Abdul Matin Khasru's seat following his death, but did not receive the party nomination.

Helena Jahangir, businesswoman and FBCCI director, has come under strong criticism following her announcement through Facebook to make leaders. She announced to appoint presidents and general secretaries at upazila, district and abroad under the banner of an organisation called "Bangladesh Awami Chakurijibi League”.