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QR codes on ‘fake’ appointment letters!

Published : 17 May 2022 09:59 PM | Updated : 18 May 2022 04:13 PM

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) arrested two persons for embezzling huge amounts of money by providing fake question papers and appointment letters to job seekers.

According to the officers of the Cyber and Special Crime Division of DMP, the accused made fake appointment letters, and gave fake QR codes for credibility.

The arrestees were identified as Md. Mosharraf Hossain and Md. Zia Uddin. 

 DB  personnel arrested them during a raid at Anand Nagar area under Darussalam police station early Tuesday.

Deputy Commissioner of the Cyber and Special Crimes Division  Mohammad Tareq bin Rashid disclosed the matter at the DB office at Minto Road in the capital Dhaka on Tuesday.

He said that the fraudsters kept recruitment notices for various posts in different departments in their collection. Later, they made friends with people of different classes and professions and introduced themselves to the general job seekers and their guardians as senior officials of the concerned department.  The fraud gang later assured the job seekers  that they would get jobs in different positions. 

In this process , they first collected job seeker's resumes, passport size photographs, scanned copies of signatures and all other documents from the job seekers through email. This information  then was used to create a fake entry form and send it to the candidate's email. 

After that, they received money through the mobile banking system including  bKash and Rocket claiming that they were nominated for Viva.

A few days later, another person called again with the identity of a senior official of the concerned department through a fake registered SIM card and asked to pay some money for medical and other expenses through Bikash or Rocket. 

After receiving that money, the fraudsters made a fake appointment letter. In order to gain credibility, a QR code containing the candidate's name and address was created through the 'QR Code Generator' software and placed on the fake appointment letter. Candidates were asked to check the validity of the appointment letter with QR Code Scanner. When the candidate checked the QR code from their mobile phones, it showed his information and the candidate paid the full amount of the contract. 

Later, when the job seekers went to the concerned department with this appointment letter, they found out that the appointment letter was fake. In the meantime, the fraudsters turned off the phones they had used in the scam.

During the arrest, three mobile phones, 6 SIM cards, fake question papers of various jobs, admission cards and appointment letters were seized from the frauds, the senior DMP officer said.

DC Tareq further said that they are trying to arrest other members of the gang. 

The accused  were produced before a Dhaka court with a plea for a five-day remand.

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