Punorjonmo 3 trends online, viewers shower appreciation

Published : 03 Oct 2022 07:20 PM | Updated : 03 Oct 2022 07:20 PM

On online video-sharing platform YouTube trending, Channel Eye's much-discussed drama 'Punorjanmo 3' directed by Vicky Zaheed is at the top from Bangladesh. Not only that, this is the first desi content to trend on YouTube within the first 12 hours of its release!

Afran Nisho and Mehzabeen acted in the drama.

On the occasion of Channel I's founding anniversary, 'Punorjanmo 3' was released on Channel I Prime's YouTube channel on Sunday (October 2) evening after its broadcast on the night of October 1. Since then it has been praised by thousands of viewers.

In the meantime, a viewer named Russell Kibria commented on YouTube after watching the drama, "I couldn't get out of the drama even for a minute, this is the only thing going on in my head all day, it's really amazing in one word."

A viewer named Arif Ahmed expressed his feelings and wrote, 'I have never seen a more beautiful play in Bangladesh. I waited a year to watch this drama. Finally the real drama between us. It will be written in history. One of the best plays I have seen in my life. In fact, this play should be dubbed in different languages. Shafiqul wrote, "I am really impressed." How can a drama be so beautiful! I was waiting for the next episode.

Md. Someone named Emran wrote, it was really incredible, it is the best drama of my life. Especially Kamal was the main character of the story. Shanto wrote, the history of Bengali drama will be reborn. Ibrahim wrote, 'This rebirth series will be remembered in the history of Bengal. Such a perfect performance is not possible except for Afran Nisho and Mehjabeen.

At least 9 thousand comments will be seen only on YouTube! Besides, many people are sharing their feelings of liking the play by sharing it through social media.

Within 12 hours of its release on YouTube, it also topped the YouTube trending charts with 'Punorjanmo 3'.

It is an old complaint of the audience that any drama or movie produced in the sequel is not discussed. The first installment topped the production very rarely. However, producer Vicky Zaheed showed an exception. This young director proved his hand by producing the sequel of 'Punorjanmo.

A sequel can also be made a hit. Nisho-Mehzabeen starrer 'Punorjanmo 3' has been watched by almost 18 lakh viewers on YouTube within a few hours of its launch! This record is rare in such a short time!

'Punarjanmo' was produced by Channel Eye in July last year. The play was widely discussed in the first installment. Then in October last year, 'Rebirth 2' aired. Apart from Afran Nisho-Mehzabeen, Naushaba, Shahed Ali, Mukul Siraj, Khairul Basar and others acted in the drama.